Mercedes-Benz Select. 
Day, the new eau de toilette for men.  

 Day, the new eau de toilette for men Modern, refreshing and drenched in masculine vibes, this new fragrance embodies the iconic brand's expertise and passion for luxury fragrance.

An aromatic watery fragrance.

"I wanted to create a new blend in which classic men's perfume ingredients were given a cooler, fresher feel using more revitalizing notes. I wanted a fresh, contemporary fragrance." This is how French perfumer Olivier Cresp describes his approach to crafting the new Mercedes-Benz Select Day, in which he conjures up a blend of sage, citrus fruit, spices, and aromatic and marine notes, set against a woody backdrop in an enchanting embodiment of masculine spirit. It’s pure vitality, concentrated.

The design & range.

This new fragrance from the Select range features the signature elegant, masculine lines that Mercedes-Benz has previously used for its clear glass bottles. But this time, the glass takes on a radiant blue hue in celebration of the morning light, a new day packed full of places to go and people to see, under a dazzling, clear sky. The tilted chrome cap points to classic elegance and masculine charm. The box is decked out in lacquered blue and chrome, encasing the brand's iconic silver star, an emblem of its take on contemporary purity.