Mercedes-Benz Club.  
Blue the new eau de toilette for men.  

 An enigmatic blue for an unconventional perfume. A timeless fragrance, unconventional, contained in a bottle with an enigmatic blue. A Fresh and vibrant eau de toilette, perfect for a classic and dynamic man.

A citrus aromatic fragrance.

This eau de toilette opens on spicy and citrus scents where cardamom and mandarin melt for a vivifying effect. The balsamic heart of lavender is enhanced with the spice of infused ginger roots. The moss, cedar and musk structure immerged us into a dark forest.

The design & range.

The slender silhouette of the Mercedes-Benz Club into glass and color. The peaceful harmony of blue and silver metal. The impressive, glossy, metallic cap echoes the instantly recognizable star set in the glass.