Mercedes-Benz history in creating iconic luxury cars, defined by their sporty elegance, discreet design as well as technically advanced execution led the company to create a new concept beyond the car industry for high end products.

It has been a natural step to extend this expertise into other luxury categories, starting with Mercedes-Benz eyewear, leather and luggage, furniture and other luxury goods like perfume.

These products are aimed at design conscious customers and stand out in their expression of modern luxury, perfect execution and being timeless: every Mercedes-Benz product envelopes these unique brand values.

The products stand out by their defined proportion, clear lines and highly emotional details.

Highest quality in every detail is part
of the core of the luxury brand.

To complement the Mercedes-Benz high-end lifestyle fashion accessories, several fragrances bearing the brand signature have been created since 2011: first a fragrance for men, then a feminine fragrance and in 2013 a masculine perfume for the new generation, a sport fragrance, a new eau de toilette for women...

Mercedes-Benz Perfume:
 the new star of the perfume world!