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Mercedes-Benz VIP Club, Energetic Aromatic.
The perfume collection.

Firmenich is one of the world's largest and most prestigious perfume houses. Its Master perfumers are behind some of the world's most legendary successes. At a time when cooperation brings talents together, it is only normal that great minds meet. So Mercedes-Benz Perfume decided to create a new kind of exclusive collaboration with Firmenich. This lofty encounter has resulted in the creation of a collection of exceptional perfumes. Three fragrances, three Master Perfumers, each one a veritable star in his or her domain. Three perfumes that turn the spotlight on their creators, allowing them a chance to be recognized for their work, affording them the freedom to sign it and present it in person for their public. A first for the profession. Mercedes-Benz VIP Club celebrates the stars of perfumery. The slender silhouette of the Mercedes-Benz Club bottle is unmistakable. Its pure, clean aesthetic. Its audacity. And now its transformation into glass and color. Like urban architecture, a skyline lit up against the darkness of the night. The massive, glossy, metallic cap echoes the instantly recognizable star set in the glass, while the silver signature of the Master Perfumer authenticates their composition.