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Mercedes-Benz Parfums.
For men, Cologne.

The exceptional expertise of a master perfumer reveals this great timeless classic in a new light. A gentle breath of peaceful energy and a surge of sophisticated elegance promises the exceptional every day for a man who appreciates simplicity when it’s exclusive, the obvious when it’s inimitable. And what if it were already a classic? Mercedes-Benz Cologne. Tradition reinvented.





Understated, plus the soul of sophistication.

The peaceful harmony of turquoise and brushed metal unites with transparency to reveal the quiet confidence of contrast. The massive elegance and pure, distinct lines of the brand’s emblematic bottle are subtly reinvented in a perfect gradation of turquoise that recalls the line of the horizon. Ethereal, bright and luminous, like the pure, crystal-clear morning it evokes. Stamped with the legendary star, the silver cap is accentuated by dual white lines that emphasize the pure, light, fresh character of the design and fragrance. Strengthening its impact, the box is enhanced by metallic gleam, and the embossed star embodies the exclusivity of belonging.


Eau de Toilette 40 ml, 75ml and 120 ml